Maria Omoyemi Aguda

Maria Omoyemi Aguda  is a content developer, writer, publicist, aquaculturist, and a strong SDGs Advocate. She has work for a popular brand called Opera,as their content writer and also for Precious Idahor Coaching and Resource Center , together with other founders and C.E.Os to create content and help publicise their brand.
    She has volunteer for different programs which have afforded her information and knowledge on how to be a good team player and which also  help increase her networking base. 
All her effort has landed her certificates both in SDGs Activation, Womenpreneur and HYPB(harnessing your power of better) Projects.
    Maria is a student currently studying Aquaculture and fisheries Management in the prestigious University of Benin. As a content writer she has helped in researching and producing of information to meet a particular goal.
  Maria has functioned actively in so many humanitarian works like K.U.C project(keeping Uniben Clean) ,amongst others. She actively supports orphaned children and abused females.
  She is currently managing a non-profit organization called Raise A Dream Child(R.D.C) Project and also a team member of Face of Dynasty ,an online program which showcase beauty and style. Maria can be contacted via email ( or her Opera Account.


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